• Tracey Liv Coaching

    “This is a rare Assessment because it isn't focused on personality, it's focused on behavior. It's a tool that empowers business leaders to know exactly what they need to work on within themselves in order to create an extraordinary life.”

    Founder, Sarah Saxon Coaching

  • Tracey Liv Coaching

    “The Assessment report was spot-on. Reading my results was as if you already knew me: the patterns I run, what I avoid, what I'm good at. I'm more clear on what I need to focus on. Thank you.”

    Founder, Champions Coaching

  • Tracey Liv Coaching

    “The Assessment and report are brilliant tools for leaders who are looking for ways to grow themselves and be more self-aware with their actions, but aren't sure what to do or where to start. ”

    Director in a large professional organization

Why Take the Assessment?

If you're a successful business leader who has a busy life and many demands, but deep down you dream of 'having it all' - time for business, your family, taking care of your health, and enjoying your hobbies -  without having to overwork, struggle or compromise on business success, then the CEO of Your Life Assessment is for you.

You may feel stuck and not sure how to expand and grow your business and life without having to compromise or overwork in order to get there.

You might have all the things on the outside (wealth, family, even a great career), but on the inside something's not right.

What you DON'T need is more people telling you what to do and how to expand your life. This rarely works.

What you DO need is a way to do it for yourself. We believe you've got everything you need - all you need is to become the CEO of Your Life.

How Will This Help You?

We believe that success and failure is natural, and is a result of how much or little you're willing to change and grow throughout life.

Our Assessment is built on 3 pillars of Success: Inner Growth, Alignment and Manifestation. When you're doing all 3 pillars well, you're likely living a pretty great life.

You will be able to use your scores as a personal guide to move from unconscious and habitual behaviors to making empowered choices to become the CEO of Your Life. 

We hope you enjoy taking the assessment and find the insights invaluable to to create the dream business and life you want.

What's Inside Your Report?

When you complete the Assessment, you will receive
your 15-page customized report:

Your Scores

You will receive your actual score (LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH) across 9 key CEO of Your Life domains, which are listed below.

Each result is based on how you answer the questions, and will have a detailed explanation of what that score means and specific challenges you may face.

Your Reach/Aspiration Level

You will receive a Reach/Aspiration Level to show you what's possible if you were to master & grow in that particular domain.

This is how you can start to implement your scores and take meaningful actions towards your inner growth.

Next Steps: Discuss Your Results

We highly recommend discussing your report results with an accredited and trained Liv.Lit! coach to start taking immediate action towards the life you want.

Click here to request an Introduction Call with one of our Liv.Lit! coaches.

The CEO of Your Life Framework

What Your Report Will Score You In

1. Vision

Your North Star

Definition: Having total & absolute clarity of what your big vision is & what your goals are so that you know the direction of where you're heading to achieve your wildest dreams.

2. Emotions

Your Inner Compass

Definition: An acute ability to use your emotions as your inner guidance system and for making conscious choices & decisions. 

3. The Spirit

Your Soul's Compass

Definition: A strong connection and ability to receive, hear and channel spiritual guidance, access your higher self and use it to chart your path forward.

4. The Self

Your Identity

Definition: When you're living a life where all of your identities & aspects of yourself are honored, wholly integrated & authentically expressed.

5. The Mind

Your Operating System

Definition: Being in a state of ongoing mindset growth, self-awareness & presence for peak performance and mental clarity

6. Execution

Playing At Your Highest Potential

Definition: Taking big, bold and courageous actions that directly help you manifest your vision, purpose & goals.

7. Resilience

Your Personal Power

Definition: When you can experience the peaks of success & troughs of challenges with the highest levels of inner resilience, grit & intrinsic motivation. 

8. Manifestation

Wealth, Impact & Legacy

Definition: You're manifesting at profound levels across your business and life. It means "Having it all" in terms of financial wealth, high degrees of impact in the work you do, living your dream lifestyle, notoriety in your industry and leaving a legacy. 

9. Alignment

Being the 'CEO of Your Life'

Definition: All aspects of your life are in complete alignment with your purpose, what you want, what's important to you, your values and how you want to both work and live your life.

More Benefits Include:

    • Immediately get a sense of where you're strongest and weakest; and what you can focus on first to start making progress towards your goals
    • Recognize your blindspots and opportunities; to be able to more quickly leverage them and manifest with greater ease and enjoyment
    • Enjoy a greater sense of self-awareness and self-understanding; which will help you navigate the world with a clearer sense of who you are and who you're becoming
    • Understand what it takes to be the CEO of Your Life;  and what you need to change in order to truly live and create your life's vision

About Liv.Lit!

We're experts in helping you become the 'CEO of Your Life'. We help you step back and create a better life; one that integrates business/professional success with deeply fulfilling relationships, more time with family, your health, hobbies and what matters most to you.


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